Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Time (CEST) Session Presenting author(s) Title/Event YouTube
09:15 Opening Session Opening Session
09:30 Keynote Yvan Saeys Modelling intercellular communication using the NicheNet ecosystem
10:15 Short talk Christophe Vanderaa Linear models for single-cell proteomics
10:30 Coffee break Coffee break
11:00 Short talk Constantin Ahlmann-Eltze Analysis of multi-condition single-cell data with latent embedding multivariate regression
11:15 Short talk Jeroen Gilis Differential detection workflows for multi-patient single-cell RNA-seq data
11:30 Short talk Ahmad Al Ajami Unraveling Immunogenomic Diversity in Single-Cell Data
11:45 Short talk Michael P Lynch demuxSNP: supervised demultiplexing of scRNAseq data using cell hashing and SNPs
12:00 Short talk Silvia Giulia Galfre' COTAN v2: a Comprehensive and Versatile Framework for Single-Cell Gene Co-Expression Studies and Cell Type Identification
12:15 Short talk Koen Van den Berge Assessing differences in cell type/state abundance: compositionality, heteroscedasticity and bias
12:30 Lunch break Lunch break
13:30 Package demo Lasse Meyer (room OEHOE) cytomapper/cytoviewer: R/Bioconductor packages for visualization and exploration of highly multiplexed imaging data
13:30 Package demo Laurent Gatto (room E2) The R for Mass Spectrometry initiative: from raw data to identifications and quantitative proteomics data analysis
13:30 Package demo Marcel Ramos (room E3) Multi-omic Integration and Analysis of cBioPortal and TCGA data with MultiAssayExperiment
14:15 Keynote Emma Schymanski Exploring Environmental Chemical Space in R
15:00 Poster pitches Poster pitches 1
15:15 Posters GSK Poster session 1
16:00 Package demo Rachel Queen (room OEHOE) SPANIEL: Spatial Analysis: Integrating, Expression data with Location
16:00 Package demo Philippe Hauchamps (room E3) CytoPipeline: Building and visualizing automated pre-processing and quality control pipelines for flow cytometry data
16:00 Package demo Johannes Rainer (room E2) Spectra: an expandable infrastructure to handle mass spectrometry data
16:45 Short talk Peiying Cai DESpace: a sensitive approach to discover spatially variable genes
17:00 Short talk Mike L Smith Rarr: A native R reader for Zarr
17:15 Short talk Annekathrin Silvia Ludt GeDi - Improving gene set distances accounting for network-based information
19:00 Conference dinner Conference dinner. Restaurant VOLTA, Nieuwewandeling 2B, 9000 Gent.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Time (CEST) Session Presenting author(s) Title/Event YouTube
09:00 Keynote Raphael Gottardo Modeling spatial transcriptomics data at super-resolution
09:45 Short talk Bárbara Zita Peters Couto MoleculeExperiment enables consistent infrastructure for molecule-resolved spatial transcriptomics data
10:00 Short talk Simone Tiberi A novel statistical method for single isoform proteogenomics inference
10:30 Coffee break Coffee break
11:00 Short talk Benjamin Haibe-Kains PredictIO: A Package For Meta-Analysis of Immunotherapy Clinical Trials in Cancer
11:15 Short talk Wassim Gabriel Access and use the European prediction service for biological data
11:30 Short talk Pablo Vangeenderhuysen T.A.R.D.I.S.: Targeted Analysis and Raw Data Integration in Mass Spectrometry
11:45 Short talk Nina Demeulemeester msqrob2PTM: differential abundance and differential usage analysis of MS-based proteomics data at the post-translational modification and peptidoform level
12:00 Short talk Sebastian Lobentanzer Democratising Knowledge Representation with BioCypher
12:15 Short talk Fabrício Almeida-Silva Identification and analysis of gene and genome duplications with the doubletrouble Bioconductor package
12:30 Lunch break Lunch break
13:30 Package demo Dario Righelli (room OEHOE) Differential Accessible Regions analysis of single-cell 10X Genomics multiome data
13:30 Package demo Tuomas Borman (room E3) Microbiome data integration workflow for population cohort studies
13:30 Package demo Federico Marini (room E2) iSEEing is believing: the iSEE package for efficient, interactive, and reproducible exploration of data
14:15 Keynote Franka Voigt Deciphering RNA localization codes via live single-molecule imaging in organoids
15:00 Poster pitches Poster pitches 2
15:15 Posters GSK Poster session 2
16:00 Short talk Aakanksha Singh Evaluating the efficacy of methodologies for Deconvolution of transcriptional profiles: A benchmarking study
16:15 Short talk Alexandre Segers Juggling with offsets unlocks bulk RNA-seq tools for fast and scalable differential usage and aberrant splicing analyses
16:30 Short talk Leyla Kodalci Neutralise: an open science initiative for neutral comparison of two-sample tests
16:45 Short talk Benjamin Hivert Data fission for post-clustering differential analysis using dearseq
17:00 Discussion Discussion

Friday, September 22, 2023

Time (CEST) Session Presenting author(s) Title/Event YouTube
09:00 Keynote Isaac Virshup The scverse project: a computational ecosystem for single-cell omics data analysis
09:45 Birds of a Feather Tobia De Koninck (room E2) Shiny app deployment using ShinyProxy
09:45 Package demo Brian Schilder (room OEHOE) rworkflows: taming the Wild West of R packages
10:30 Coffee break Coffee break
11:10 Short talk Aedin Culhane Bioconductor boards
11:20 Flash talks Flash talks
12:00 Lunch break Lunch break
13:00 Birds of a Feather Marcel Ramos (room OEHOE) Bioconductor 4.0: Aspirational anatomy of a computational ecosystem for genomic data science
13:00 Birds of a Feather Ivo Kwee, Mauro Masiero (room E2) Comparison of deployment methods for Shiny Apps
14:00 Birds of a Feather Davide Risso, Helena Crowell (room OEHOE) Interoperability in the single-cell field
14:00 Birds of a Feather Jacques Serizay (room E2) Versioned online books with Bioconductor