GSK Poster session 2

GSK Poster session 2 consICA: multimodal data deconvolution, integration and elucidation of biological processes in cancer research A mixed-cell control design to assess data processing in single-cell proteomics ScalablePCA: Benchmarking principal component analysis for large-scale single-cell RNA-sequencing data Alignment of Spatial Transcriptomics data with the alignProMises R package CTexploreR: taking on the challenge of Cancer-Testis genes Inferring residue-level hydrogen deuterium exchange with ReX High-resolution coverage analysis detects and quantifies alternative mRNA processing events The Bioconductor Teaching Committee Semi-supervised probabilistic Factor Analysis (spFA) to uncover novel axes of variation in multi-omics data sets ViScoreR: label-based evaluation of dimensionality reduction by detecting local distortions An end-to-end workflow for multiplexed image processing and analysis From Shiny App to Enterprise SaaS Solution: Lessons Learned and Necessary Tech Stack Methodical: Redefining Promoters Based on Transcriptional Regulation By DNA Methylation

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GSK Poster session 1

GSK Poster session 1 miaverse – microbiome analytics framework in SummarizedExperiment family fmsne: fast multi-scale neighbour embedding in R Towards resolving ambiguity in promoter to gene assignment for omics data integration mitology: a new tool to dissect mitochondrial activity from transcriptome Multi-omics integration: a regression based approach DifferentialRegulation: a novel approach to identify differentially regulated genes A Practical Strategy for Analysis of Large Cytometry Data through Supercells From Structure to Specificity: Investigating the Molecular Framework of RNF E3 Ligases and Substrate Interactions Write, containerize and publish versioned Quarto books with Bioconductor STEGO.

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